About us

Studio Bhatt is committed to designing and producing sustainable textiles for the home. These take the form of an ongoing series of product lines, such as The Carpet Series, that in their evolution suggest new areas for exploration and development.

Studio Bhatt takes an investigative approach to work. The role and importance of sustainability and craftsmanship in the design and production process is informed by research. We ask ourselves how our work as designers relates to daily life in our (host) country, India.

By placing traditional local practices – from the mundane custom of re-using a piece of cloth to the skilful craft of carpet weaving – in a broader research context, we aim to develop new perspectives on socio-cultural and environmental issues.

What is the role of craft in a changing society? What insights can be gleaned from the tension between traditional practices and disposable consumption, or between the context in which fair trade products are made and that in which they are sold and used?

These and other questions we explore in research and writing, and the ongoing dialogue guides our thinking about design and production. Furthermore, it helps us better understand and contribute to the debate on sustainable and equitable living, the intercultural exchange of values and skills, and the role and responsibilities of designers in the 21
st century.




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