A Square Piece of Cloth

TEXTILES | Packaging Material 

Opening Sukha Amsterdam: 04 March 2011 

In India, cloth comes in all kinds, sizes and grades. In their range and diversity they are used for everything: adorning the body as saris or stoles; protection against the sun’s heat, dust and air pollution; doing all sorts in the home.

But even more deeply rooted than these everyday uses is the age-old tradition of wrapping things as a practical, informal and yet personal gesture, something akin to the Japanese art of gift-wrapping known as Furoshiki.

It is this gesture of care that wrapping represents and the ease with which fabric is woven into everyday life that inspired A Square Piece of Cloth: packaging material with an afterlife.

For the opening of concept store Sukha Amsterdam, we designed a roll of gift-wrapping cloth with grids of woven cutting lines, thus allowing pieces of fabric to be cut according to whatever needed to be wrapped, right in front of the customer, and with no wastage. 

The fabric is strong, durable, supple and lightweight. Moreover, one instinctively relates to it. It invites reuse rather than disposal, and lends something precious and personal to whatever it wraps.



2011 | Eline Groeneweg for Sukha Amsterdam
material: silk & cotton 
technique: handwoven
dimensions: 20m x 1.20m
produced by: Weavers’ Service Centre, Old Delhi, India 
commissioned by: Irene Mertens, Sukha Amsterdam
photography: Charlott Henrikson

thanks to: Hitesh Rawat & Avanish Kumar