T1982-163 Revisited

TEXTILES | Textielfactorij

Fashion & Textile Museum18 May - 12 September 2021 | London (UK) 

Fries Museum: 11 March - 10 September 2017 | Leeuwarden (NL) 

T1982-163 Revisited comprises two pieces. In the first (shown above), our visual research is manifested as an animation. In the second, we created a new work in collaboration with Kirit Chitara, who uses a traditional hand-painting technique. 

T1982 -163 Revisited analyses two important works from the Fries Museum’s chintz collection: T1982 –163 and the Japonse Rok. The pieces, created in the 18th century, feature highly detailed motifs of pine branches and Prunus blossom which are packed with colour and patterns ranging from tiny dots and flowers to graphic lines.

In our examination of the works, we discover their origins and reveal their complexity and richness. We also ask whether the patterns, which were inspired by Japanese motifs and designed for the Dutch market, contain additional Indian influences.  T1982-163 Revisited asks what may be discovered by revisiting a 300-year-old piece of chintz.


2017 | Eline Groeneweg in collaboration with Kirit Chitara
for the Textielfactorij | Fries Museum

animation:  Adarsh Moda, Ishan Sapru and Arvind Ravi
copy editor (English): Matthew Singh Toor

design consultant: Hitesh Rawat
commissioned by: Textielfactorij